Finally, I'm in Alaska!

I've been here for three days already, and still, hasn't lost anything! :-) Way to go, SINUS! The flight to Anchorage was fine, but pretty boring. It took two hours to get from Vladivostok to Soul, then, after two hours at the Korean airport, there was a ten-hour flight to Alaska.

гора Мак Кинли, самая высокая на Аляске

I was really impressed by the high-class service of the company, even the flight attendants spoke Russian. One of them was very surprised to hear me saying "Do svidaniya" - a goodbye in Russian. If she'd known that I was Russian, she wouldn't take the trouble of torturing me with her English, she said. She also said that I didn't look like a Russian. In a hurry I managed to pack my passport in the luggage, so I do not have a Korean stamp in it. :-(

Сеульский аэропорт

And here I am in America!
Yes, I am in America, and my bike is still in Russia! After all the customs procedures done, it turned out that my bike doesn't fit in the loading door! They told me, I'll get my Magna in two days with another plane. For the first two days I wandered along Anchorage. Looks like a village, but very nice and clean, there are several universities there! The air is fresh and crisp, you can see some snow. I gave a call to a Russian family (well, not entirely Russian - the husband is German and the wife - Russian), and they took me to their place.

аэропорт, вид сверху ;)

They have a nice large house. I cannot tell exactly how large it is, but they told me it is a five-bedroom and three-bathroom house. I have noticed, that the roads here are not as great as German ones though. Today we went to the airport to check if my bike arrived. And much to my disappointment, it hasn't. And nobody knows anything!

Досмотр в Анкоридже

Hmm, smells like Russia to me ;-). We just got weather forecast - there's snow on my way. Actually, it's chilly here, but people want summer so much, that they wear T-shirts! Peter and I went to the local Harley-Davidson shop, and I got de ja vu - everything happened exactly as with Arne in Berlin!

В магазине "Харлей- Дэвидсон"

Especially because Peter also has a BMW. They didn't treat us with coffee though, instead, they asked me to sign their guest book, which I did with pleasure. :-)

афтограф в книге почетных гостей

You will never starve in America, there are so many tastings and promotions going on here. They actually make you eat! America is a reach country :-) Everybody asks me if I am from mafia. I answer that I'm not, because they treat this question really seriously, and have a habit of getting at their guns with or without reasons. That what freedom means…

Мы не звоним 911

Everyone has the freedom to have a gun, and that's what the mutual respect is based on: "I respect you because you might have a gun". Yesterday Peter and I had a long dispute about it. It wasn't easy, but we managed to squeeze the news - Magna, my bike, arrives in three days. Meanwhile, I can only listen to the forecasts. It's snowing all the way to Fairbanks, and I will have to ride through the snow. Peter conducted an orientation for me, the topic: "what should you do if you meet a bear". The optimal situation is to face a bear with a gun and a friend. You shoot at your friend's leg, and say: "sorry, the bear will eat you, bye!", and you have a couple of minutes to run away. Oh, those Americans! Leaving aside jokes, Peter gave me some useful information on how to behave if you meet a bear or a moose, - there are a lot of them, and they are the curse here. Sometimes, they enter cities. By the way, according to Peter, I am the first Russian on a bike here.

И на пятой передаче не поймать за хвост удачу