This morning (12.07.2002) started with yelling in my room: "Sinus, bear, quick! Bear!" Suffice to say, this morning walking around the house was a 2 year old bear. Interesting, that not one of the people living around wanted to get a rifle

-,      !

Later on we went to the airport, where Peter left me and I tried to figure out whatwas happening with the arrival of my bike. I found out that my bike arrived today, but a Customs officer said (really nice man, by the way): "I have news for you, good and bad. What should I start with?" I 'm telling him: "With the bad one." - OK - you're not going to be able to get your bike today, only tomorrow morning.

- Gimme second one, - I tell him,
- Your bike just arrived!

Hurrah!!! Well, I think I have to go home now. What to look for in the airport now? When I look at my GPS, where is home? Far away The officer is telling me, "Take a cab. It's easier" - How much? - Not a lot 50 dollars. What the f It's about a 20 min ride. Well, the officer draws me on a little yellow piece of paper a map to find my way home, and so, I went for a walk. In one hand GPS (thanks to Moscow's company "Navicom"), in another photo-camera, and in third, yellow paper from that officer. Behind my back, back-pack with photo-staff from store "Equip".



What kind of things I saw along my way by the road!!! Would you like me to count for you? CDs, lighters, pens, sandwiches, jacket, gloves of all different sizes, spare auto parts, headphones, books, glasses, and lots of other shit.

On the intersection of Missouri Road and Strawberry road, I found myself a companion. I see, lying on the ground (and lying very long, maybe about one year, there's just no one walking here on the roads, everyone has wheels , but I said to myself - if you're in the free country, then you can be a camel , or whatever you want to be) So what are we talking about? Ah, yes, lying on the ground, a tiny, little cute toy bear looking at me (with what?), and saying, "Wow, hi, take me. I'm here waiting for you a very long time already." Suffice to say, I found myself a companion.


When I went to Europe, I had little bear too - a koala with me all the way, and then someone stole him during a photo-show, some 'stupiders' (dump people). Somehow a lot of strange (evil) people are around me sometimes It's not good... I will sew him on new eyes. Wash him already. He was smiling at me with his toothless mouth.

Well, for 6 hours I walked 19km 300meters (1mile = 1.65km). I have not walked this much for many tens of years. I feel my legs up to my ass. But I took a bunch of pictures along the way, and saved $50. ? Tomorrow I'm going to get my Magna and go straight ahead! Goodbye Anchorage! By the way, today was very hot, like in the tropics. One more thing, on the road no ldrunk men or women lying in the road.
In difference to.


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