I wanted to take off early in the morning but since I was putting together my bike all night long and didn't have a chance to sleep, I used Peter's and Elena's advice and took a nap. After I woke up 4 hours later I felt myself way more ready to ride a bike.

Or maybe that was an effect of DNKaS pills from my lovely sponsors "Prinvest"?

Peter was really worried about my overnight stays in the woods in the tent and thus we went to a gun shop first to buy a knife just in case a bear decides to attack me. But this is a separate story.

That many weapons I've never seen before in my life!!!!!!

, ,    ?

Try to imagine a huge indoor sport's arena that is occupied by our Chinese market, and the only difference is that instead of pants, goggles, batteries and other crap the real combat weapons are being sold. And the most amazing thing is that you don't need any permit to buy all that stuff.

You can buy a hand gun and swing it on a way home. Under American law you can buy any type of fire arms, but when you carry it, it should be visible and unloaded. (By the way, what am I going to do with an unloaded gun if I meat a real bear? Hit him on a head?) I can imagine what would happen in Russia if I tried to walk in downtown with a 38 caliber colt.

, !  -   ;)

By the way, Peter always has his gun on him. He carries it in the inside pocket of his jacket. I hope it is unloaded:) No, I am quite serious, Americans are crazy for sure about guns, freedom and food. I will talk about food later, but right now I walked off the gun market with a nice 8 inches long knife. Now I am not afraid of any bears or other inhabitants of local woods. They have a rule here that says you can not take a knife as a present, so I gave Peter a quarter, packed my stuff and took off.

,    !

Peter showed me the way out of town (locals are just as good as GPS), and we were riding along for quite a while. Before I left he filled up my tank with gasoline out of his tremendous kindness and then we went different ways. I headed north of Alaska, and he headed south back to Anchorage. Thank you, Peter and Elena for giving me a shelter while my Magna was wandering God knows where. And immersing into a new culture wasn't as difficult because of you. Thank you - you were a great help to me! I will never forget you!!! So, I am going

Did I mention food? Oh! I've been told in Russia that American cuisine is not very decent. That is not true! Good food and more then decent diet It is that decent that Americans are always happy to grab a piece of food here or there. Food industry is thriving here and a huge number of bars, cafes, burger places, little taverns, restaurants and other places of "fast reaction" is a prove to it. You don't even have to lift your ass off the seat of your car to buy a traditional meal right from your car. But, on the other hand here are many fat and very fat people. The main principle of the United States is - don't restrict yourself in anything. Not in food and not in freedom. But home cooking here is not a norm. And why should it be? This is an atavism If you have a microwave oven, you have to cook there. And they cook. You throw in there something formless and tasteless and get a pretzel or baked turkey, or porridge with raisins. The main thing is not to mess up what you put in. Only add water:)

The local dress code is famous throughout the world. They dress very simple here, without any fads. Whatever they have they put on. They don't strive for the harmony and perfection of lines.

That is right, you ought to be simple. Here is no France to you:)

Oh yes I am riding:) to Fairbanks north of Anchorage. That is not possible to make trip in one day, especially if you start late in the evening and ride like I do, stopping every step to take another unforgettable shot. They have white nights here in Alaska this time of the season, so you can ride for a very long time as long as you have enough energy. But I don't want to cover a large distance right in the beginning of my trip, so I will ride until I find a suitable place for night stop. I won't go to Hilton hotel; Sheraton also doesn't expect me in such circumstance the best thing to do is to ride and something will come up. This worked this time as well. Around one o'clock at night I stopped to check my route on GPS (to be quite honest, just to take a leak) and noticed that not too far from the road some dudes were racing four-wheelers (ATV) on a rough terrain. Wow it is quite interesting. They also noticed me and waived their hands at me. Well, this is exactly what I was waiting for:) The company turned out to be quite cheerful. As it turned out, during the day they rent those ATVs to anyone who is wishing to ride them, and at night, after they consume a lot of alcohol and marihuana, they party they asses off.

       .. ;)

Not very sober people offered me some whisky as well, then some pot, and finally to try out the ATV. I refused the first two but couldn't refuse to try the four-wheeler. With great pleasure, especially since the four-wheelers were very nice, new and very powerful. Well, I made a new route for them, though almost drowned in the river who could know that it was 5 feet deep? But rating of Russians in this region went up significantly (crazy Russian), and I was allowed to put my tent right next to their Recreation Vehicle (it is a hose with wheels with all amenities inside).

  ATV,   ,  -  ;)

All night long I was working with pictures and writing emails right in the tent. Thanks to Valentine Petruhin who created a system that allows me to charge my camera, laptop and battery charger of the bike accumulator. Super! Virgin Alaska is all around me and I am listening music of the computer right in my tent and write letter.


By the way, I was listening to an old good band "Shocking Blues" and Mary Veresk, this bands singer, (I think that is her correct name, but don't remember for sure) was singing a very cool song "Alaska Country." How romantic Wow, my only hope is that bears don't come to listen to my music as well.

OK morning that means today I wasn't eaten. Great! Most of the Americans are almost sober, but they remember about the new route I made this night. They invited me to a breakfast Very delicious, but I don't understand what is it. It looks like shaurma. Still don't understand what kind of dish it is. We say farewell and I go on...