Something like," Help Me, Kind People" :)

I understand that the most important thing in preparation for a bike trip is the ability to accumulate enough money for gas, food, lodging and other travel expenses. The truth is that if every friend of mine had given me at least a penny, I would be able to complete my travel successfully. I understand that the moral support is great, but unfortunately I am not able to convert it into gasoline:) I will be very thankful to everyone who will help me financially no matter how much money you can contribute.

If you want to send me money, you can do so by following any one of the three methods described below:

1st method - the least painful and most convenient: You can send me money via PayPal and use the following email to transfer funds - You can press the button below to go straight to PayPal page.

2nd method - also not painful and relatively very convenient:) You can transfer money to my American bank account at Wells Fargo Bank. The account number is - 1681221857.

3rd method - I don't believe it will cause you an actual pain but I must admit it is very inconvenient but it is still the only option for many of my friends in Russia...
To transfer money to my account in Alfa-Bank, btw (Alfa-Bank is one of my sponsors) use the following account information:
Bank name: ALFA-BANK, Moscow, Russia, Swift code - ALFA RU MM
Far-Eastern Branch, Vladivostok, acc.30301840700000001400
Beneficiary's acc. ?47422840100120000030 / CVL - 1998 Beneficiary:
Beneficiary's name (Igor Sokolov)
Details of payment: gift

Correspondent bank of beneficiary's bank (USD):
1. HSBC Bank USA, Swift code - MRMDUS33, acc. 000303402,
2. JPMorgan Chase Bank, New York, Swift code - CHASUS33, acc. 400927098 ,
3. Bankers Trust Company, New York, Swift code - BKTRUS33, acc. 044 156 17,
4. ABN AMRO Bank, New York, Swift code - ABNAUS33 acc. 5740 751 952 41

What else can I say? Thank you for your support! I will remember your help through my entire trip and long, long time after it!


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