это место
пока не занято

Well, in one word, we decided here, in the Russian Far East, to hold a rally (jamboree, hangout, bike party, festival…in short, call it as you please) proudly named "Facing the Ocean".

It's gonna be the first, but I'm sure not the last, hangout, because everyone will want once again to take a dip in the Pacific waters, see old friends or meet new ones.

For many the journey itself is what really matters.
To cross the whole Russia is a cool longrange trip!

The decision to organize such a huge meeting of all our friends in a superb place was not reached right away, no kidding.
'cause I had to explain my idea to everyone, to interest them and finally to believe in it ourselves…And it was not easy.
But now, after most bikeclubs and some individual unclubbed bikers have informed us of their willingness to join us at the party "Facing th Ocean" this idea has become a reality.
Several well-known moto-travelers from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Italy made up their minds to come to the party "Facing the Ocean".


This summer, to be exact from 15 till 17 of August, 2003, we are planning to hold the first in the Russian Far East Bike-Party "Facing the Ocean".

Bike-party is not really a bike show or a similar pompous event with obligatory traditional hot dogs, rolling barrels and cussing (literally) rock-folk band that even deafens the roar of your darling bike.

Bike Party is just a meeting of friends without any obligatory order.
What really matters is that have come, that you are with us, that you are around your friends who, like you, are in love with the speed and wind!
Isn't it cool to spend 3-4 days in one of the most beautiful and pure places on our planet?
You are not obliged to do anything, just come!
No limits in using your club colors, no official invitations 'cause you're a free person, you're a biker (or a motor-cyclist)!

I suggest organizing our meeting as a star rally- it's when from different places everybody starts, and travel by all available means and suddenly we all get to one place.
In other words, if you are not really sure that your plodder-Ural or Jawa (that have seen a lot) will manage to get you to Vladivostok, don't worry - just put your bike into the baggage car and come by the train to the bike-party place. And you may want to go home on your bike.

The road from Vladivostok to Moscow is pretty decent now. Nothing to be afraid of…If it comes to the pinch, you can use the rail platform to get thru the hardest part which is in Amurskiy region from Shilka to Shimanovsk.

By the way, many of my friends are going to stay in Vlad for a while after the party.
First of all, to hang around with their friends for some more time, and also to buy a Janpanese bike and ride back home on it.
But these are only plans…

Now about the place of the bike-party.

There are some scenic bays and virtually pristine taiga situated 200 km away from Vladivostok near Nakhodka. So we'll meet by one of those bays.

Here you can find the coordinate data on GPS, scanned maps and some useful tips.

For 3-4 days we'll be socializing with one another and with the nature, eat fresh caught fish, drink beer, swim in our wonderful Pacific waters, sunbathe, screw up loosened nuts in our bikes, make friends with other bikers, in short, just enjoy ourselves.
Afterwards, we, filled with impressions, depart to our cities and provinces.

In reality, the Russian Far-East is a magnificent wonder of our planet. You'll have a lot to remember of and to tell your less decisive friends for the whole year. It's impossible to forget about such a long distance journey.

By the ocean you can rest from every bad and dirty thing…
While drinking beer you can swing your legs in this clean water and spend time with your new and old friends.
After that you can say to yourself ,"I MADE IT!".
And everything will be OK.

You have some time before August to handle all matters with getting your bike ready, with vacation, necessary sum of money - taking into consideration that you don't really need a lot of money for such a travel.

Yeah… almost forgot, don't forget to bring along a couple of plastic bottles of the best beer produced in your region - we'll have a beer-tasting!

If you have any questions write to me sinus@sinusmoto.ru
Don't be afraid! It's usually scary to make only the first step…

If you want to get advice from ohters who are also hesitating, or you'd like to tell us some interesting stuff, or you're looking for a travel companion, then visit our conference "Easy Rider".

If you've decided to come, click here and register.
We are looking forward to your joining us here in August!!!!

Here's a modest list of those who actually make it happen.

See ya'll!